Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Locusts Have Run Rampant Greed Frothing from their Mouth

My b.rothers. Heed my call and hear me; lend me your ears! Our precious and limited resource has been jeopardized by the taint of the greenhorns and their lust for grass; the grass we slaved ourselves to nourish and grow. Though I dare not presume to declare it our grass, we have devoted far too much energy into its life to allow it trampled upon and its source destroyed by the greenhorns' ignorance and stupidity!

The greenhorns have invaded our motherland through her myriad chan.nels and have b.rought with them their primitive and undeveloped minds. They incessantly bombard and solicit for visas in the b.ossoms of our motherland. They seek to join our order with their eyes of upon the bountiful field of green only to carry with them the diseases and ticks and the wolves and parasites that will eventually destroy our beautiful creation. We CANNOT allow this to continue!

Brothers, I ask you to spread the message; to educated the headless masses! Educate them of their wrongs. Educate them of their ignorance. But most importantly, educate them of their destructive actions. What they are doing will not only hurt them but will also hurt us. However, we will open our arms and bring them into the order. But ONLY if they cease what they are doing immediately and follow our path and guidance into our green pastures.

With our weapon, the E.F. Ganon, we will sink one fang into the heart of the beast that is the greenhorns and rid them of their livelihood once and for all! B.rothers, don't fail us now!

P.S. E.F. Ganon only has one fang.


  1. Yes, I WILL FOLLOW YOU. This NEW FAGGOTRY must be stopped!

  2. Cure zeh canzer!

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