Thursday, September 9, 2010

Useful MAC programs!

So I decided to make a small list of Mac programs since I've already made a PC one.

Boot Camp: This is possibly the most powerful program a Mac can have. This baby will let you run Windows. Cheers!

 Clam Xav /// Intego Virus Barrier: ANTI VIRUS. If you're one of many who think Macs are immune to viral activity, I feel so damn sorry for you. The FACT is Macs are susceptible to viruses. If you don't believe me, GTFO!

Colloquy: IRC. Need I say more?

Namely: I, like many people, dislike Mac's folder system. It sucks. Balls. So instead of flipping through the folders, I just search for whatever I want. Use the short cut to enable Namely search, type in whatever you want, boom. Simple.

OnYx: Your Mac slowing your life down? Is it taking forever to boot up and/or launch a program? You probably have too much junk. Use this. Every week. Make your Mac happy.

Perian: The Combined Community Codec of Mac. If you have trouble watching .asf .mkv .mpg etc..., then you need this. IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE! NO JOKE. CAPS MEAN IT'S TRUE.

Roxio Burn/Roxio Toast: Heard of ImgBurn or Nero? Yes, these are the Mac equivalents but actually better. Damn jolly good.

Service Scrubber: Run this once a month.

Sizzling Keys: For iTunes fans. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate playlist or whatever without having to leave your current window.

smcFanControl: Don't let your Mac overheat! Don't let your $650 go to waste! Use this all the time.

Transmission: If you really dislike uTorrent, for whatever awful reason, you can try this Mac compatible bitorrent program. It's quite an elegant program really.

Vienna RSS: For the Facebook-er, Myspace-er, the lurkers, and subscribers to faux news, this is for you.

Want more? Go Here. Top 100 Mac Apps - Chris Pirillo

I need not tell you to use these programs at your own risk. Read EVERYTHING before deploying these programs. Some will f*ck your computer even though it's designed for good simply because you failed to do adequate research.


  1. The exact mentality of 80% of the computer population.

  2. Good list, make one for iPod Apps.

  3. iPod apps?
    There's Irip that lets you transfer music from itunes to your computer and vice versa.

  4. I use about half of the programs you mentioned :)

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  8. unfortunately, I haven't got a Mac

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  10. i dont use MAc but i think this info is good